How to Teach Preschoolers About Jesus' First Miracle?

Answer Your preschool students likely know who Jesus is, but may be unfamiliar with some of his miracles. The first recorded miracle Jesus performed, according to the New Testament, was turning water into... Read More »

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What would Jesus ride?

A YAMAHA V MAX. ..Because with 22 years of production he has heard his name called more times than any other after each and every first ride.

What is the date of the death of Jesus?

It is not possible to determine the exact date of Jesus' birth or death, since the Gospels provide different chronologies and historical evidence is not conclusive. However, most scholars believe h... Read More »

"What Would Jesus Do" Activities?

In the 1990's, "What would Jesus do?" became a popular phrase to remind Christians to think about their words and actions. While it is more difficult to find apparel and accessories with this phras... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Jesus?

The name "Jesus" can be traced back to the ancient Aramaic language. The original name, Yeshu'a, was a contraction of the Aramaic name Yehoshu'a. The Greeks adapted this name into "Iesous," and "Je... Read More »