What is the origin of the name Jason?

Answer The first name "Jason" originated from the Greek word "ιασθαι" or, in English, "iasthai." The name means "to heal" and appears in Greek mythology and the Bible. Its popularity as an English f... Read More »

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In 'Jason and the Argonauts' what was the name of the skeleton warriors?

Who plays Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason?

Numerous actors have donned the hockey mask of Jason Voorhees over the years. In "Freddy vs. Jason" he was played by actor Ken Kirzinger as an adult, and Spencer Stump as a little boy.Source:Intern... Read More »

What is your best sentence to say that your daughter-in-law will be loved and looked after as a daughter in a family and not as a daughter-in-law?

Just show her how much she is loved and if the occasion comes up, then you can express in words how you feel at the time. Actions will let her know how you feel!!

What should I name my daughter?

You should name your daughter whatever you want. Maybe you should look up baby names that have a meaning that describes your daughter. Here are some ideas if you want to use them or not: Augustine/... Read More »