What did Jacqueline Kennedy's babies die from?

Answer Jacqueline Kennedy's first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. Her second pregnancy resulted in the stillbirth of her daughter, who was said by the Kennedys later to be named Arabella Kennedy. The... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name Jacqueline?

The girl’s name Jacqueline is a diminutive feminine form of the boy’s name Jacques, which is the French form of James and Jacob. In Hebrew, the name means “he who supplants.” Jacqueline, fi... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Jacqueline?

The name Jacqueline is Hebrew in origin. Typically used for girls, the name means "supplanter," "Yahweh may protect" and "holder of the heel." Among English speakers, the name came into use during ... Read More »

Which of the following was part of Kennedys foreign policy of economic aid?

How many books did Jacqueline Wilson write?

Jacqueline Wilson, a British author of children's books, had written 88 books as of 2009, according to a bibliography compiled by the British Council Arts Group. Wilson, born in 1945, published her... Read More »