What did I do to my hip; should I go to the doctor ?

Answer yes i dont think it was a ligament because if u did even if u stood still it would be a killer pain but in case it is a ligament youll need surgery

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My doctor said I should have at most two martinis a night. What should the other 12 drinks be?

one burboun, one scotch and ten beers!!!!!

What kind of doctor should I see?

You need to be seen in the emergency room ASAP. You have what can become a very serious injury if this infection continues. Go to the emergency room ****...(pun sort of intended, but th... Read More »

At what age should a child see an eye doctor?

A child should first visit the eye doctor when he is in the age range of three to six months old. He should also visit the eye doctor again at the age of three years. After the age of three, a chil... Read More »

What doctor should I see for blood work?