What did I do to my hand Plz help!?

Answer OUCH!!!!!! u should see a doctor. r u gonna be ok?

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Help!!!!!!! What can I do If I got stung by 3 wasps at the same time on my hand?

It depends if you're severely allergic to it or not. If you are allergic, then call emergency services and use your adrenaline shot if you have one. Here's first aid whether or not you're allergic ... Read More »

With $350K cash in hand, what is the brilliant idea to double the amount in a year Can you help Thanks,?

There aren't any for sure ways to do it. Best way is to invest wisely. Unfortunately any investment (e.g. stocks, bonds, mutual funds) are not meant for short term like 1 year, they are meant for m... Read More »

Help!!! my hand is stuck!!!?

Hot water. Just let it run over your hands and move them continuously and eventually it should break the glue down.Sorry, that's really sucky. I've done it to my fingers before. Took a while to ... Read More »


First I would say to get away from the sink by getting a paper towel and wetting it with cold water. Then you can move around. If you have sports wrap or anything wrap it up in that when you go to ... Read More »