What did Greek actors wear?

Answer Greek theater had both a social and a religious significance. There were never more than three actors in an entire Greek play, and often there was only one. The only way the audience could differe... Read More »

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What did actors of Ancient Greek theater wear?

When actors in Ancient Greece portrayed animals, they often wore masks and animal skins, according to an article by Elias Karayannakas for Actors who were portraying human characte... Read More »

What did greek goddesses wear?

Ancient Greek deities had many human-like attributes, and goddesses often wore the clothing of ordinary Greek women. The objects carried by each deity helped define the deity.ClothingMost Greek god... Read More »

What did Athena the Greek goddess wear?

Born as a full-grown woman, Athena was known as the goddess of war and wisdom. She became a favorite of her father Zeus, even though his fear of the unborn child's power caused him to swallow his w... Read More »

What type of clothes did ancient Greek kings wear?

Ancient Greek kings dressed much like ordinary Greeks, in loosely draped clothing, including a short or long tunic ("chiton") and a cloak ("himation") that often doubled as a blanket; footwear was ... Read More »