What did Goerge Westinghouse invent?

Answer he invented rotary steam engine.

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What did Goerge Westinghouse do?

When did George Westinghouse invent the air brake?

George Westinghouse of Central Bridge, New York invented the air brake in 1869. It was a milestone in train travel that greatly improved the effectiveness of rail brakes, thus allowing trains to tr... Read More »

White westinghouse flat screen tv you need the code for westinghouse tv's for your direct tv remote How do you get them?

Answersony code 10000 worked for me 0000 worked for me, the Comcast codes suck

If anything was possible to invent and make, what would you invent and why?

Triple chocolate fudge cake with zero calories - so I could make a pig of myself and never get fat.Time machine - so I could go to any time or place I wanted.Invisibility potion - so that I could g... Read More »