What did Claudius Galen discover?

Answer The Greek physician Claudius Galen discovered that urine was formed in the kidneys, not in the bladder as previously believed. The Roman Empire practitioner also invented the practice of taking a p... Read More »

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What did Galen discover?

Galen was a Greek physician who lived from 129 AD to 210 AD. He discovered that blood ran through arteries instead of air, and seven out of the 12 known cranial G... Read More »

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Marie Slaughter was played by Joyce Bulifant.

Who is Galen?

Galen of Pergamum was a philosopher, a surgeon to the gladiators and a physician to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He was a medical researcher and one of the first to use controlled experiments... Read More »

Is Galen Gering (Luis from Passions) a cast member on DOOL?

He's now a contract player: Gering is portraying Rafe, Sami's latest bodyguard. Things between them will be getting a bit... less than professional... before t... Read More »