What did Charles Richard Drew invent?

Answer Charles Richard Drew invented the idea of saving blood through a blood bank, which saved the lives of many English soldiers in World War II. He directed the American Red Cross in 1942 and helped to... Read More »

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Who was Charles Richard Drew?

Charles Richard Drew was a physician who, in 1938, developed a procedure that would allow blood plasma to be processed, stored, dehydrated, shipped and then re-constituted before it was used in a ... Read More »

How many siblings did Charles Richard Drew have?

Charles Richard Drew (1904-1950) developed the modern blood bank, first utilizing his method of storing blood plasma on World War II battlefields. He also founded the American Red Cross Blood Bank.... Read More »

When was Charles Richard Drew born?

Charles Richard Drew specialised in hematology and human blood transfusion. He developed methods for storing blood plasma, making human blood transfusion possible, thus earning him the nickname "fa... Read More »

Where did Charles Richard Drew get his education?

Charles Richard Drew, a surgeon who performed instrumental research on blood transfusions, graduated from Amherst College in Massachusetts in 1926. He went on to attend medical school at McGill Un... Read More »