What did Boxxy do that pissed off Coppercab?

Answer He's probably trolling, he's a youtube partner so he gets more money with more views. If you search up "LifeinaTent boxxy" there will be a video that the new boxxy video is fake and Coppercab paid ... Read More »

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Have you ever been so consumed by this that you pissed your pants instead of leaving the computer?

I've had the runs and released a questionable fart. I was lucky it wasn't a wet one. I should of sat on the bowl for it since I'm at work.

Is anyone else pissed that Wal-Marts are doing away with Lay-Away?

From what I hear they aren't the only ones who did away with lay-a-way....right now the only "chain" we have near us,that still does lay-a-way would be Kmart.(I hear that Super Target,and Shopko st... Read More »

Can somebody tell me the history of Boxxy?

How much to get me pissed & what drink?

I think "you" will probably feel drunk on a couple of cans of beer. As for the others, I don't know whether they are new to drinking or not. Probably better stick to beer for first few times. Vodka... Read More »