How do you feel about Bernie Mac's death?

Answer It's hard to believe.At first I thought it was a rumor.He is in a better place now.May his soul be blessed.

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Does Bernie madoff's daughter in law play on csi Miami?

Who else is shocked or suprised that Bernie Mac died?

Wow he died that's crazy ? From pneumonia too didn't ppl stop dying from in the middle ages or when your really old . My heart goes out to his family and fans . Very sad news indeed :(. R.I.P Berni... Read More »

What is harriet's from escape from scorpion island's last name?

it is o'connor but if your looking for her facebook its hattie batty

Do you say pop or soda and what state are you from Anyone from Wisconsin who calls it pop?

Woooo-Hoooooo! A Wisconsinite! Yes I call it Pop. But my Brother calls it Soda. He's from Tennessee and calls all pop-soda. WELCOME TO WISCONSIN!!