What did BBC news in the 1940S sound like?

Answer even if you look hard you will never find it. so just Google "bbc iplayer d" and click the link

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What sound can I record that might sound like a kick drum?

As simple as this might sound, take the palm of your hand nearest your wrist and hit down onto a desk. different desks will make different sounds but you should be able to get a good "thump" out of... Read More »

How to Paint Your Fingernails Like a 1940s Pin-Up Girl?

The pin-up girls of the 1940s, with their perfectly coiffed hair and vividly painted fingernails, were the ultimate vixens. Deep red was a favorite nail polish color at the time, as were other dark... Read More »

If u like a popular fb page & u like their posted pics does it appear on other ppls news feed ?

yeah it should show. i see pictures my friends like all the time on my news teed and i even see the pages they like

Do those "Sound Bars" really work well like surround sound systems?

They DO work for several reasons:* The speakers are sacrificed in most thin flat-panel televisions so any external speaker sounds better.* Soundbars work best in small, symmetrical rooms with the T... Read More »