What did Archimedes discover?

Answer Archimedes was a mathematician who discovered and invented many things. In the field of math, he calculated areas and volumes of geometric shapes. He also invented a system to express large numbers... Read More »

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What did Archimedes discover about pi?

Archimedes determined that the value of the number that corresponds to pi is less than 3-1/7, but more than 3-10/71, according to The Greek mathematician made his determination around 250 ... Read More »

The Contributions of Archimedes in Geometry?

Among the many thinkers and innovators of ancient Greece, Archimedes of Syracuse is still honored nearly 2,300 years after his death for his contributions to geometry, physics, mechanics and techn... Read More »

How to Demonstrate Archimedes' Principle?

Archimedes' principle states that "an immersed body is buoyed up by a force that is equal to the weight of the fluid that it displaces." What does that even mean?? To clearly demonstrate this princ... Read More »

Who discovered density, Archimedes?

Greek mathematician Archimedes discovered the concept of density when the king of Syracuse wanted to know if his crown was pure gold or a mix of gold and silver. Archimedes realized that placing an... Read More »