What dictaphone would you recommend for use in a lecture theatre?

Answer Hiya Victoria,Firstly you need to consider how portable, and what type - 1) Digital - Some are available that store the input internally, some more expensive ones will allow you to add more storage... Read More »

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What shampoo, conditioner, etc, would you recommend for me, and would keep me at my fluffiest?

mud, water, and lemon juice blend well and wash it.. you'll get very fluffy love lol

What would kind of protein powders would people recommend to get and where from?

I wouldn't recommend them at all. They are highly processed crap with chemically synthesized replicas of nutrients.Eat some cashew butter, some beans or an avocado. It's tastier, more effectively... Read More »

What is dictaphone?

The earliest Dictaphones featured a mouth piece you spoke into and a wax cylinder that recorded your voice for future playback. The original Dictaphone model was trademarked, but some companies sti... Read More »

What is dictaphone typing?

Dictaphone typing refers to written transcripts based on audio recordings of spoken communication. The word dictaphone is often used as a generic term, although it can also refer to devices created... Read More »