What device was technically the very first computer?

Answer The world's first automatic computing machine was the Z3, invented by Konrad Zuse in Berlin in 1941 to make complicated arithmetic calculations. The Z3 was about 5 meters long and 2 meters high, an... Read More »

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Technically speaking, how can I adjust the thingamajigger on my Dell computer if I don't have a metric whatcha?

you jiggle the do-hickey..and turn the flipper mabobber to the right.always,Ladyitchp.s. if that doesn't work..try calling Dell direct ~ I-800-dum-b@SS

Is it true that any USB port on your computer can be used for either an output device or input device?

Yep you should have no issues with a usb printer. Just make sure to follow the directions for the software that comes with the printer. You may need to find drivers if you are running Win98 or WinM... Read More »

What is a pci device on the computer?

PCI, or Peripheral Component Interconnect, is a standard that regulates devices attached to a computer. Computer motherboards may contain several PCI slots, allowing devices such as modems, etherne... Read More »

How to Put a New Sound Device in a Computer?

A computer's sound device is the expansion card, known as the sound card, that fits into a predefined slot on the motherboard, enabling the computer to play sounds and music through the speakers. S... Read More »