What device was technically the very first computer?

Answer The world's first automatic computing machine was the Z3, invented by Konrad Zuse in Berlin in 1941 to make complicated arithmetic calculations. The Z3 was about 5 meters long and 2 meters high, an... Read More »

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What was your very first computer?

Timex Sinclair 4k memory ( expandable to 16k) printer that printed only on special 3.5" wide paper. First "real computer Tandy CoCo One ( Color Computer One) 16m memory and a dotmatrix printer. Spe... Read More »

What was the very first computer called?

The first computer was called the Colossus and was created to translate messages from a German machine during World War II. The Colossus was invented in 1943 and weighed close to 2,000 pounds.Sourc... Read More »

Who invented the very first computer?

I thought that it was accredited to Charles Babbage.Edit; I just found this name, KONRAD ZUSE (1910-1995)

Who made the very first computer?

The Atanasoff Berry Computer was created by John Atanasoff and assistant Clifford Berry at Iowa University from 1939 to 1942. This computer could not be programmed and never became operational. The... Read More »