What device uses digital technology?

Answer All sorts of kinds. theres apple which is a media player. Microsoft which developes game systems, and computers sony produces DVD plays, game systems, and music players there are alot of others ... Read More »

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I want to record live music (guitar, vocals etc) using a portable digital device. What device is best to use?

I have a Firepod by Presonus with recording software from Cubase. It's like having a professional recording studio tied to your home computer.If you care, I have a website at Read More »

How has the use of digital technology (digital images) have changed our way of life?

Well, for one thing, being able to take a picture and have it ready to use in a matter of seconds is convenient. The speed at which the image is ready for use contributes to how fast it can be sha... Read More »

What device is requried for using 3G technology?

A mobile phone that supports 3g or a usb dongle for direct connection to a pc.

Was the telegraph the first digital device ever?

The answer to this is dependent on the definition of 'Digital'. Taken literally, Digital is a matter of 'On' or 'Off', so whilst carried on an analogue system, it is indeed digital as can have only... Read More »