What device is always in charge of initiating a roaming?

Answer If you are refering to the ericsson cellular telephone, it is the central computer that keeps track of where the phone is located by the unique electronic serial number. The phone is in constant co... Read More »

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Does Alltel charge for roaming?

Alltel, now part of Verizon wireless, does charge for both domestic and international roaming. The rates for roaming vary by area and may not be billed to the customer immediately. According to Ver... Read More »

I Have 12 Volts output source with 1000mAh. Can i charge 5.1 volts device with 500mAh and charge 9Volts Devi?

You would use a resistor or voltage regulator in series with each device. Note the difference between mA and mAh.

My tomtom GPS device won't charge?

Sounds to me like you need a new charger. I've never had this happen with my GPS, but I have had it happen with a cell phone. I have also had my cigarette lighter "port" of my car stop working.... Read More »

How to Charge a USB Device by Riding Your Bike?

This article outlines the development of a continuous charging system which can create a mobile power source to extend the battery life of portable electronic devices carried by the rider.