What determines your mortgage rate?

Answer A borrower's mortgage interest rate is determined by several factors, including, but not limited to, his credit score, loan term, loan amount and equity in his residence. Other factors that might i... Read More »

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What interest rate determines mortgage rates?

The rate at which mortgage backed securities (investments backed by real estate loans) are traded tends to determine mortgage rates. Those rates go up and down but typically trade at the same rate ... Read More »

What determines mortgage rates?

Lenders issue mortgages to people buying or constructing their home. The interest rate depends on the market conditions and the riskiness of the loan.CreditworthinessThe lender will look at your cr... Read More »

What determines the unemployment rate?

Determining the unemployment rate is vital for lawmakers in making economic decisions such as extending unemployment benefits. It's also interesting information for job seekers trying to gauge the... Read More »

What determines the Federal Reserve interest rate?

The Federal Reserve interest rate, commonly called the federal funds rate, is a key short-term interest rate. A change in the rate influences lending rates, the dollar's value, employment and the p... Read More »