What determines the payment amount of Chapter 13 payments to a trustee?

Answer To determine payments made to a Chapter 13 trustee, the debtor's attorney files a confirmation plan with the court. This plan takes into account the debtor's income, priority, secured and unsecured... Read More »

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What Determines the Amount of Energy in Coal?

Coal is an excellent compound source of energy. Coal supplies a significant amount of the electricity consumed in the United States. The energy content in the United States' coal reserves is vast. ... Read More »

The amount of money you make determines your tax?

Your total amount of your all of your worldwide taxable income on your 1040 income tax return from all sources is the amount that will be used to determine your federal income liability for year af... Read More »

How much do you tip a waiter/waitress What determines your tip amount Also, where are you from?

The 15% standard became custom when servers were paid at least minimum wage. Since then the Labor dept. has allowed employers to use what is known as a "tip credit", this allows them to pay an alt... Read More »

What determines the amount of noise isolation in headphones?