What determines the minimum focal length on a zoom lens?

Answer I think you're confusing focal length and minimum focus distance. Minimum focus distance is just the minimum distance the lens needs to achieve focus -- in this case, about 1.3 feet.This number is ... Read More »

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If the distance from a converging lens to the object is less than the focal length of the lens what willl the image appear to be?

Digital Lens Focal Length Differences?

When digital single-lens reflex cameras, both 35 mm-style and medium format, came along, all the old lenses for film cameras could still be used. In other words, if a person had a slew of lenses ma... Read More »

Telephoto Lens Focal Length Vs. Magnification?

Modern telephoto zoom lenses offer even amateur photographers the ability to capture images of distant objects in sharp clarity. Their built-in ability to zoom in on and out from a subject allows p... Read More »

How does the ccd affect focal length in lens of the camera?