What determines the gender of a baby?

Answer There are many myths about how to conceive a baby with the gender of your choice. Everything from the day of the week to who initiated sex promises to have an influence upon what sort of baby you'l... Read More »

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What determines a baby's eye color?

BabyMed reports that there are three general determining factors in eye color; these are parents' eye colors, whether the parents are homozygous or heterozygous for that eye color, and which gene... Read More »

Who determines a baby's last name in Quebec?

In Quebec, parents choose the last name of their baby. The surname can be one or two names, taken from the parents’ last names. If only one parent is known, the baby receives that parent’s surn... Read More »

Who determines a baby's surname in Quebec?

The parents of a baby in Quebec can determine the baby's surname within the boundaries placed by the provincial government. The child's surname must either be one of his parents' surnames or a comp... Read More »

Was your second baby the same gender as your first?

there is no real way to know having a boy i don't think means anything like that ur next will to a boy it's god that make that choice hope this answers ur question :=)