What determines eye color?

Answer Most babies are born with grey or blue eyes, but after a short time, the color gets darker in many people. Like most human physical traits, eye color is genetically based.History of GeneticsIn 1866... Read More »

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What determines hair color and skin color?

Everything about hair, it's color, thickness, density, texture, growth rate, etc, is all genetic! When you really study genetics you eill learn about dominant and recessive genes, which can also sk... Read More »

What Determines Hair Color?

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Which chromosome determines eye color?

More than one set of chromosomes in the human body is responsible for determining eye color. Two genes on chromosome pair 15 and one gene on chromosome pair 19 determine what color eyes a human wil... Read More »

What determines a baby's eye color?

BabyMed reports that there are three general determining factors in eye color; these are parents' eye colors, whether the parents are homozygous or heterozygous for that eye color, and which gene... Read More »