What determines computer speeds?

Answer A computer's speed is a measure of how quickly it can execute instructions. This speed is determined by the performance of various internal components.ComponentsThe RAM (random-access memory), proc... Read More »

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How do I compare computer processor speeds?

SpeedNote the speed rating of each central processing unit (CPU) you wish to compare. These values are expressed in Hertz, with most CPUs operating at speeds in the gigahertz (GHz), as of 2010. The... Read More »

What determines a computer's front side bus speed?

A computer's front side bus speed is determined by the computer's processor. The front side bus is used to send information from the computer's processor to the physical system memory. The greate... Read More »

How to Compare 56K to DSL Speeds?

DSL Internet connections are significantly faster than traditional dial-up service. The slowest DSL connection operates at 256 kilobytes per second, which is five times faster than a 56K modem, at ... Read More »

What Causes My Car to Vibrate at Certain Speeds?

Vibrations on a car should not be ignored. Whether or not the vibration represents a serious problem with the car, the vibration itself can cause damage to the vehicle. High-speed vibrations loosen... Read More »