What determines computer speeds?

Answer A computer's speed is a measure of how quickly it can execute instructions. This speed is determined by the performance of various internal components.ComponentsThe RAM (random-access memory), proc... Read More »

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How do I compare computer processor speeds?

SpeedNote the speed rating of each central processing unit (CPU) you wish to compare. These values are expressed in Hertz, with most CPUs operating at speeds in the gigahertz (GHz), as of 2010. The... Read More »

What are the speeds of DDR and SDRAM?

DDR chip speed varies widely and should be matched with the computer's processor speed. As of 2010, an AMD DDR processor was the fastest at 333 MHz. SDRAM chip speed can be measured by speed in nan... Read More »

What vitamin speeds up metabolism?

Vitamin B assists in the maintenance of a healthy metabolism, while promoting healthy skin and a strong immune system. Natural sources of vitamin B include meats, eggs, brown rice and berries.Sourc... Read More »

Internet speeds not what promised.?

There are other factors that effect "Internet speed"Is the modem and router able to handle the Internet speed? You can pay for premium service, but have a cheap, slow router and modem. Or, the... Read More »