What determines a computer's front side bus speed?

Answer A computer's front side bus speed is determined by the computer's processor. The front side bus is used to send information from the computer's processor to the physical system memory. The greate... Read More »

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What determines/dictates the speed of the laptop?

1. Microprocessor (CPU)2. Graphics processore (GPU)3. RAM4. Hard driveThe network has nothing to do with the speed of the computer.Try running Windows Experience Index so you will know where you ar... Read More »

What determines whose Facebook chat icon shows up on the right side?

according to what other people have said on the internet, the people that show up on the list are the people who visit your profile the most. like you, some of the people that show up i never look ... Read More »

Why is your 1995 Corsica carpeting wet mostly wet on front driver side and slightly wet on passenger side?

Answer You have a heater core leaking. Check your fluid level on your radiator. It should be a little low. They are not the most fun thing to replace.

Removing a KitchenAid Superba Side-by-Side Ice Maker Front Panel?

The front panel of a KitchenAid Superba ice maker protects the wiring assemblies that connect the ice and water dispenser paddles with the control panel and dispenser motors. You might want to remo... Read More »