What determines a car insurance premium?

Answer After you apply for car insurance, the insurance company determines if you qualify for the coverage. If you qualify, the insurance company decides your car insurance premium. Car insurance premiums... Read More »

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What determines the size of the risk premium?

The risk premium is the amount of excess return that investors demand in order to accept the risk of investing in non-guaranteed securities. A number of economic and psychological factors can affec... Read More »

What determines health insurance premiums?

While the method with which insurance companies set their premiums are sometimes considered a mystery, insurance companies generally use a specific set of guidelines in order to determine how much ... Read More »

Why is it that in New Jersey your credit report determines your total premium and not your driving record?

You have been mis-informed. A credit Report does not determine your total premium, It is only used as one factor of many to determine your overall risk.Statistics have shown that poor credit does r... Read More »

What is a mortgage insurance premium?

A mortgage insurance premium is the equivalent of private mortgage insurance for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans.FHA LoansThe FHA guarantees mortgages. This means that the agency will re... Read More »