What determines a beacon score?

Answer A Beacon score is another name for your credit score calculated by the Equifax Credit Bureau. The credit bureau uses an algorithm to summarize your credit history into on number.FactorsYour credit ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Beacon score and a FICO score?

The Beacon score was the name for a credit score calculated by the Experian credit bureau. The Beacon score used an older scoring algorithm developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation. It has since bee... Read More »

What is a Beacon score?

A Beacon score is a type of credit score issued by the Equifax Credit Bureau and used to measure the likelihood a borrower will repay a loan. Lenders use a Beacon score to set the interest rate fo... Read More »

What is an enhanced Beacon score?

A Beacon score is a number generated by the Equifax credit bureau to rate a creditor's credit worthiness. The enhanced Beacon score is one version of the Beacon program by Equifax. Under the enhan... Read More »

What is a good beacon score?

A beacon score is also known as the Fair Isaacs computation (FICO). This score ranges between 300 and 850, and the higher the score, the better. In recent years, a score of 650 is fair; however, le... Read More »