What depth of water do steller sea lions live in?

Answer As mammals, Stellar sea lions breathe air. A portion of their time is spent on land, while they hunt for food in the water. According to the Vancouver Aquarium, Stellar seal lions prefer the coasta... Read More »

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Where Do Lions Live in the Wild?

Lions live in the wild in just a few places in the world. A number live in various countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and a very small population lives in the Gir Forest in India.Source:Histo... Read More »

What is the name of the old reality tv game show that took place on a colosseum surrounded by water and the final round had something to do with lions?

Fort Boyard I believe. I think it was originally a French show, or there was also a French version.

Why Does Water Pressure Increase With Depth?

Water pressure increases with depth because the water up above weighs down on the water below. Pressure can be measured in a variety of ways. Water pressure can be easily calculated with a simple... Read More »

Does water pressure increase with depth?

Water pressure does increase along with depth. The reason for this is that as depth increases, the amount, or volume, of water in the surrounding area increases, therefore causing more pressure.Sou... Read More »