At what degrees Celsius does lead melt?

Answer The melting point of lead is 327.5 degrees Celsius (621.5 degrees Fahrenheit). Lead has an atomic number of 82, and is considered a heavy metal. Although toxic, lead has many uses; it is found in b... Read More »

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What temperature does glass melt at to recycle?

In order to melt glass to recycle, it is heated to between 2600 and 2800 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1600 degrees Celsius. Before it is melted, the glass to be recycled is crushed into a fine powder ca... Read More »

Does ice melt at 31 degrees?

Generally, at 31 degrees Fahrenheit, water ice will remain solid, though external factors such as impurities in the liquid, like salt, can change that. Sea ice melts at about 28 degrees. Great pres... Read More »

How hot should it be to melt glass?

The temperature at which glass melts depends on the composition and type of glass--whether it is bulletproof, tempered, tinted, etc. The temperature range at which glass melts is 1400 to 1600 degre... Read More »

How to Melt Glass Bottles?

The creation of decorative vases, centerpieces or even wall hangings from old glass bottles is growing in popularity as the world becomes more "green." Old bottles can be recycled and used to creat... Read More »