What degree is needed to become a lawyer?

Answer A lawyer is required to have two degrees. The first is an undergraduate degree, which usually takes 4 years to complete. The second is a law degree, also known as a juris doctor (J.D.). A J.D. usua... Read More »

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What bachelor degree is needed for a lawyer's degree?

Choosing an appropriate undergraduate major as a precursor to enrollment in law school is an important step toward preparing yourself for success. A law degree does not require a bachelor's degree ... Read More »

What can i do with a law degree besides be a lawyer?

The American Bar Association reports that many law school graduates find themselves disenchanted with the notion of practicing law. Fortunately, a law degree qualifies you to succeed in many other ... Read More »

The Classes Needed to Become a Criminal Lawyer?

The first step to becoming a criminal lawyer is to complete an undergraduate degree and attend law school. The number of required classes at most law schools is limited and there is no set path of ... Read More »

How much education is needed to become an immigration lawyer?

Immigration lawyers use their knowledge of naturalization regulations and forms to assist immigrants. They may assist their clients with filing visa, asylum and naturalization applications, interna... Read More »