What degree is needed to become a chef?

Answer The culinary arts profession, like many trades, requires little formal education or training. Many of the required skills can be learned on the job or over time.Minimum EducationThough the culinary... Read More »

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What Requirements Are Needed to Become a Chef in France?

The French are known to take their cooking and the skill of their chefs very seriously. The passion and enthusiasm surrounding French cooking makes France a magnet for both aspiring and seasoned c... Read More »

What type of education is needed to become a chef?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), many chefs may learn the trade through any combination of on-the-job training, college coursework, culinary school attendance or app... Read More »

Expenses Needed to Become a Chef?

It takes a special breed of person to be a chef. Chefs work irregular hours in environments that are often hot, loud and hectic. Yet many people in the trade can't imagine doing anything else. The ... Read More »

High School Classes Needed to Become a Chef?

Culinary programs help chefs learn and hone their trade. The programs often require a high school diploma. Some high school classes benefit potential chefs in the areas of kitchen and food preparat... Read More »