How Far Should a Pitching Wedge Go?

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Where should one play with a pitching wedge in the stance?

When using a pitching wedge, the placement of the ball in your stance varies depending on the situation. From the fairway, balls are best placed in the center of your stance, moving slightly forwar... Read More »

What is a wedge shoe?

A wedge shoe has a heel that runs the entire length of the foot. Wedge shoes look as if they have a triangle attached to the bottom of the shoe. They can be low or high heeled.Source:Ruth Collis: F... Read More »

What Is a Wedge Haircut?

The wedge is a short haircut with clean, striking, stacked layers that taper in a "wedge" shape to an often strikingly pointed back. The cut is versatile, easy to maintain and has proven popular ov... Read More »

What is a gap wedge used for?

A gap wedge is a type of club used in golf. According to, it is typically used by experienced golfers who want to hit a ball longer than when using a sand wedge and shorter then when using... Read More »