What degree do you need to be a psychologist?

Answer In order to become a psychologist, a doctoral degree is required. Psychologists usually qualify for a wide range of clinical, counseling and teaching positions with a PhD or a Doctor of Psychology ... Read More »

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What type of degree do i need to become a forensic psychologist?

According to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, "Forensic Psychology is the application of psychological insights, concepts and skills to the understanding and functioning of the legal and c... Read More »

Major Universities That Offer a Forensic Psychologist Degree?

Forensic psychology is a combination of psychology and law. Forensic psychologists work in jails, rehabilitation centers and police departments. They may screen or treat prison inmates or work as c... Read More »

How much does a psychologist make with a doctoral degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for a psychologist with a doctoral degree is $64,140 as of May 2008. The highest 10 percent make more than $106,840 annually. The... Read More »

Do You Need a Masters to Be a Psychologist?

People often associate psychologists with a doctorate degree because you usually need one to practice psychology solo. However, only holding an undergraduate degree or master's does not mean you wo... Read More »