What degree burn is this?

Answer Homeopathy :-CALENDULA OINTMENT to heal instantly and without any scars nothing like Calendula for open deep wounds gashes or burns. Take care and God bless you

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What should i do with this small third degree burn?

If you are positive it's a third degree burn, go see a doctor, you need help, and fast!! It sounds like it might be a second degree burn, third degree burns can usually effect the bone and muscle t... Read More »

Is this 3rd or 2nd degree burn, plz help I am freaking out?

When they say 3rd degree is white they mean its permenetly white because the burn has gone so deep that it has damaged blood vessels so there is no blood in that part of the skin. However your burn... Read More »

Can a burn from salt and ice give a 3rd degree burn?

Actually, the ice can burn to 3rd degree. Especially easily done with one of those ice packs or gel ice packs attached to the injury with nothing between that and skin. It happened to a nurse I kno... Read More »

What is the best medicine for a 3rd degree burn?

Aloe Vera. For 3rd degree, you should go to the ER.