If the switch to digital TV is govt mandated, is that the US govt Ie, will I still get sexy Mexican channels?

Answer If you can pick up the signal from Mexico now, then you will be able to pick it after the US does it's transition. You will need an "old" analog TV or a converter box with analog pass through. Yo... Read More »

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What Defines a Man or a Woman?

The signs designating areas specifically for men or women are everywhere: men's restrooms and women's restrooms, the men's section and women's section at a clothing store, men's and women's locker ... Read More »

What defines my car as a lemon?

On One Hand: Needs Repeated Repair.Lemon laws vary depending on the state in which you live. However, a typical lemon law says that a car becomes a lemon when it must be returned to the dealership ... Read More »

What Defines Tuscan Colors?

To learn what defines Tuscan colors, look no further than Tuscany, Italy. Visitors will find this region's homes--and countryside--often include warm shades of red, gold, green and brown. Tuscan co... Read More »

What defines a big block engine?

As Tyler said, the block itself and not displacement determines if an engine is "big" or "small" block. The "Big Three" Detroit automakers each produced a line of physically smaller V8 engine bloc... Read More »