What decides the 10 people to the left of your Facebook page?

Answer Well i guess it really is the persons your mostly interact with. i had an impression that it was random because each time i refresh my page its always changes.

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I have a photography page on Facebook. How do I make it so people can't steal pictures from my page?

that isnt possible - anyone can "steal" any picture they can see

Can you view people's profile on facebook if you are logged into your facebook page account?

I believe (NOT 100%) that you can view what they allow. As in, if you weren't friends with them. It will show certain things, depending on privacy settings, but no, you cannot view it as if you wer... Read More »

How can I get more people to Like my facebook page?

i saw your facebook page.Their are missing social activity and your feeling missed about new idea and views and creative which attract them self.definitely people follow you.And one more thing thin... Read More »

Can people really see on facebook if you go on their page?

They can't, Facebook does not track nor save who views their profile or page and neither how often you view it. There is no way to check this.