What decent and more secure alternatives are there to Facebook?

Answer Your question isn't as 'really silly' as the first answerer claims. After-all you are effectively paying Facebook's bills for them by merely being a member on the site and freely giving over all th... Read More »

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Is Facebook a secure site?

Depends what you mean by 'secure' really. The site itself is supposed to be very secure, but the content which is deliver to you via the site may not be so secure. The information you submit to Fac... Read More »

A Secure Digital memory card is faster and more secure than a Compact Flash memory card true or false?

How to Get a Decent Job?

Times are tough. The job market is a disaster, and unemployment has reached record highs. Don't be discouraged. Cream rises to the top. Individuals with motivation, determination and a belief in th... Read More »

Is it possible to get a decent PC for £300-£400?

yes build it yourself or goto ebay good computers cheap theirworth a look anyway