What debts can't be discharged under the new bankruptcy law?

Answer While bankruptcy may sound easy, its laws are a tangle of rules and exceptions. Some debts are forgiven under one type of bankruptcy, but may not be discharged under another. It helps to know whic... Read More »

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Are debts discharged in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

According to the U.S. Court System, most debts qualify for a discharge (complete removal of the obligation to repay) under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, certain debts, such as home mortgages, tax... Read More »

Bankruptcy List of Discharged Debts?

If you believe filing bankruptcy will wipe out all your debts, you are wrong. According to consumer information resource Nolo, debt during your bankruptcy proceeding is divided into two types: disc... Read More »

What Does It Mean When a Bankruptcy Is Discharged?

Bankruptcies fall under federal jurisdiction in the United States. There are federal bankruptcy courts in every judicial district across the country. Federal law, the United States Bankruptcy Code,... Read More »

How to Rent With a Discharged Bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy discharge erases your past debts and presents the opportunity to start over. Still, some creditors and landlords are leery to work with people who have a bankruptcy on their record, wh... Read More »