What is a good Christmas bonus amount for once-per-week housecleaning help?

Answer On One Hand: Consider EttiquetteThe customary Christmas bonus for once-per-week housecleaning is up to one week's worth of pay, reports the Emily Post Institute. If your housekeeper works for a cle... Read More »

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How much running should a 8-year-old do a week?

At 8, children should be introduced to a range of exercises, not just running. Try team sports, such as basketball or netball, aerobics or cheerleading, hockey, soccor or football. Swimming is also... Read More »

What year did the NFL bye week start?

The NFL started using a bye week in 1990 to give teams a week off during their grueling 16-game schedule. In 1993, the NFL implemented two bye weeks, but returned to a 17-week schedule in 2004. It... Read More »

Can a 17 year old be home alone for a week in Illinois?

In what year did nurses week begin?

In 1954, National Nurses Week, also referred to as NNW, was first observed. It was not until 1974 that President Nixon issued a proclamation for National Nurses Week. NNW is celebrated every year f... Read More »