What day is the Marine Corps'birthday?

Answer According to the Department of Defense, the Marine Corps was established on November 10, 1775, to help naval forces during the Revolutionary War. This date is considered its birthday, or Marine Cor... Read More »

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What were marine women called in the marine corps?

What is the difference between a marine and a marine officer?

Everyone in the Corps is a Marine.A Marine Officer is someone who has at least 4 years of college with a degree.They goto a special boot camp.They are the leaders of the Corps

If a Marine dates a woman and she gets pregnant and later he finds out she is seventeen as opposed to what he thought her age was. Can the Marine Corps charge him?

You were in the marine corps and switched to army what ribbons can you wear from the marine corps?

all exept for ones related to naval experience. In accordance with AR 670-1 29-6 You may wear any ribbon or award that you have been permanently awarded. But, they must be worn in accordance of hi... Read More »