What day is a woman most likely to get pregnant?

Answer The average menstrual cycle for a woman is 28 days; however, women's cycles can range from 21 to 35 days and it is impossible for a woman to get pregnant on most of those days. For any woman lookin... Read More »

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If your 13 and pregnant is it most likely to have a miscarriage?

No. There is a higher chance that you COULD have a miscarriage because you are not fully devloped yet, therefore it is harder for your body to support a baby, but there are other 13 year old girls ... Read More »

If a women with green eyes got pregnant by a man with blue eyes, what color would their kid most likely have?

It can go either way, but green is dominant over blue. Using genetics, the common answer would be a 75% chance green and 25% blue. But that 25% can happen.

Will you most likely have your baby early if you are 30 weeks pregnant measuring 34 weeks?

Answer Not necessarily. You may just be having a large baby.You don't say if YOU measure 34 weeks or you had an early scan which says you are now 30 weeks and a scan now measures 34 weeks.

Are most Russian babies most likely to be born deformed?