What date was george washingtonm born?

Answer Renters insurance really does cover a lot. It covers natural accidents, burglary, theft, fire, vandalism, and smoke damage. It also will pay your rent for a few months if you get hurt in the apartm... Read More »

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What percentage of babies born are born on their due date?

I had 4 children. Only one of them was born on due date. So I say 1 in 4.A due date is an average, or a window of time.Just as 98.6 is considered a "normal" temp, it is really an average. Take a 10... Read More »

What date was St. Sebastian born?

Little is known about St. Sebastian, although the website American Catholic estimates his birth date as 257 A.D. He was born in Narbonne and martyred in Rome in 286. His feast day is celebrated on ... Read More »

What was the date that George Washington gave his first state union address?

What was the date that Sacagawea was born?

The exact date of Sacagawea's birth is unknown. The Encyclopedia Britannica gives her approximate date of birth as "circa 1788," meaning she was born in, or within a few years of, 1788.Source:Encyc... Read More »