When did the mayan people build the mayan ruins?

Answer The Mayan civilization flourished in southern Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and northern Belize with over 40 cities that eventually fell to decline. The Mayans built temples, pyramids and other cerem... Read More »

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Feline Pregnancy Calender?

A cat's pregnancy, like a human's, follows a very strict time line. Along this time line, it is important to make sure that the cat gets the nutrition she needs for each stage of kitten development... Read More »

How to Make an Advent Calender?

This article would benefit from step-by-step photos. You can help wikiHow by adding photos to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice added on 2009-12-03.Make your own advent calendar and... Read More »

What is the first day of the week on the Hispanic calender?

In the Hispanic countries in Latin America and in Mexico, the first day of the week is Sunday or "Domingo" in Spanish. In Spain, Monday is considered the first day of the week. The Spanish word for... Read More »

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right for me! wow.Nichola - Mummy to 11mos old Sophie xxx