What damage might be caused if drank and smoked and now 3 weeks pregnant?

Answer Rest easy, it is unlikely that there would be any damage to the fetus if you drank alcohol or smoked before you found out that you were pregnant. Now is the time to stop, continuing to drink alcoho... Read More »

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I Had sex about 2 weeks or so ago.. and I have all the early signs that I'm pregnant.. but to day july3nd i got my period or what i think it might be Idk its like spotting not heavy?

AnswerIn the first three months it is common, but it can also be a sign of a miscarriage. You should call your doctor and have it checked out. AnswerHow early in your pregnancy did the bleeding oc... Read More »

If you think you might be three-weeks pregnant but have not thrown up yet is that normal?

Answer Not everyone gets "morning sickness". And even if you do, it can be anytime of the day. Some pregnancy symptoms are nausea, vomiting (morning sickness), breast tenderness, darkening of the n... Read More »

Will your baby be affected if you drank alcohol 3 times a week for the first 3 weeks of pregnancy without knowing you were pregnant?

This can happen often, so no, it shouldn't affect your baby, but now that you know abstain from alcohol! The same thing happened to me, so I sure hope there's not going to be a problem!

If your on the birth control pill and start bleeding lightly two weeks early does that mean you might be pregnant?

The following will cause bleeding when on birth control:* Break-through bleeding* Withdrawal bleeding* Pregnancy* UTI* Morning after pill* Recently stopping/starting BCP* Missed a pill(s)