What da heck wikipedia!?

Answer Jimmy Wales, by accepting a $10 million venture capital investment in his business from Amazon, plus the Wikimedia Foundation getting a $2 million grant from Google, has led to artificially enhance... Read More »

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What the heck is this on wikipedia!?

It's a typical Wikipedia prank. Wikipedia is dominated by undisciplined white male teenagers. But you can tell the older Wikipediots are embarrassed by this, because the revision (which Nihiltres p... Read More »

Wikipedia blackout What the heck is going on!?

Yup I got the same thing too :p but there's a way around it :) just click on Cached and if it still views incorrectly then while it's in Cached view click on Text-only version.Use google to search ... Read More »

What the heck is "secure wikipedia" and why can't I seem to find any information about it online?

This is just a secure gateway to Wikipedia. It's exactly the same site, just accessed through different means. It offers much better web security at the cost of some speed.It's under the secure.wik... Read More »

What the heck to they mean by "assimilated Jewish parents" in the Hedy Lamarr article on Wikipedia?

Presumably the word here refers to cultural assimilation: <… >