Can You Grill Top Sirloin?

Answer Among the many options for barbecue grilling, steak is an all-time favorite, but not all steaks offer equal levels of tenderness and flavor. One option available in most supermarkets and butcher sh... Read More »

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How to Cut the Sirloin From a Deer?

Venison is a meat that is much in demand but that cannot be found in your typical grocery store or restaurant. Of all the cuts of venison off of a deer, sirloin is the most tender. There is a certa... Read More »

What is sirloin roast?

Sirloin cuts of beef are derived from various areas of the cow, offering tender meat with a low fat content and without bones. Various methods of cooking are recommended for each cut of sirloin.Typ... Read More »

How to Grill Sirloin Steak?

Besides grilling hamburgers, grilling steaks is a popular form of dinner signifying the grilling season has arrived. Different cuts of meat require different grilling techniques. How to grill sirlo... Read More »

How to Marinade Sirloin Steaks?

Ever wanted to make a marinaded steak that made everyone's mouth water just thinking about it? Well then, read on to learn how.