Bank of China Foreign Currency Exchange Requirements?

Answer Conducting international business in the People's Republic of China (PRC) requires that foreign currency be exchanged. The main state agency that regulates this practice in the State Administratio... Read More »

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What currency is used in Ireland?

The Euro is the official currency of Ireland. The country adopted the Euro as its currency in 1999, but continued to recognize the Irish pound until February 2002, when a three-year transition peri... Read More »

What currency is used in Czechoslovakia?

Czechoslovakia, as a single nation, no longer exists. As of 1993, the country has been divided into two nations: the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. In the former, the Czech crown is used. ... Read More »

What is the currency used in India?

The official currency of India is the "rupee." The international symbol in use for the rupee is INR. An Indian rupee is divided into "100 paise." As of June 2010, one US dollar was equal in value ... Read More »

What currency is used in Malaysia?

The ringgit, or Malaysian dollar, is the national currency in Malaysia. It consists of 100 sens, or cents. The ringgit has appreciated 6 percent against the U.S. dollar and 19 percent against the e... Read More »