What cuisine would you like to learn Why?

Answer moroccan cuisine...want to cook in a tajine...

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Is Indian cuisine the only cuisine in the world which uses a generous amount of spices ?

We use a lot of spice here in China, particularly in the Sichuan and Hunan regions -- just not in the huge doses India uses. I think the heavy use of spices originated in the early days before refr... Read More »

But... do you think that italian's cuisine is like the Buddy's cuisine?

I looked up Buddy's reviews and they're positive. I think people want to eat good food whether it's authentic or not. Olive Garden isn't authentic Italian, either, but the food is good. When we ... Read More »

What is tex mex cuisine?

Tex-Mex cuisine is a cross between Mexican food and American food. It gets its name for the shared Mexican-Texas border.HistoryAccording to, Tex-Mex cuisine first appeared in the 2... Read More »

What does international cuisine mean?

International Cuisine means the different cooking of the world from around the world's many countries and nations. Each country has its own cooking/cuisine and each cuisine is an art in itself. Fa... Read More »