Is identity theft a punishable crime?

Answer Yes, identity theft is a punishable crime. Though penalties vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the identity theft, most states consider the crime a felony. Possible punishments include... Read More »

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Is adultery punishable in the military?

AnswerThe Uniform Code of Military Justice, the military criminal code, bars married service members from having extramarital sex and unmarried service members from sleeping with married people. Ho... Read More »

What represents a violation of Article 86 Absent Without Leave and is punishable under the UCMJ?

What crime is committed by paying off a health inspector?

Paying off a health inspector is called bribery. According to Princeton University, bribery is defined as making illegal payments to a trusted individual in order to influence or corrupt judgment. ... Read More »

What is the most expensive computer crime committed?

According to Cyber World, Valdir Paulo de Almeida holds the title for most lucrative cyber crime ever committed. Almeida and a gang of 18 other hackers stole more than 3 million people's... Read More »