What crime is falsifying a police report?

Answer Falsifying a police report is against the law, and is thus the crime being committed. It is illegal for a police officer to write up an inaccurate or false police report. It is also illegal for a c... Read More »

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How do I report a crime to the police?

Reporting a crime to the police is most often done by simply calling 911 on your home or cell phone. The 911 call goes directly to a central dispatch center and they will send police, fire and EMS ... Read More »

How to Report a Crime to the Police?

Witnessing a crime can be alarming, and you may not immediately know how to react or to report the crime. Reporting a crime to the police as soon as possible is extremely important because catching... Read More »

What is a television program about police solving a crime?

One of the most popular TV series is "Law and Order".Added: Another is "48 Hours" which is shown on many cable and satellite channels

What is the name of the long running UK crime series set in sun hill police station?

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