What cricket plan should you choose if you have a flashed Verizon iPhone 4?

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Can a Verizon Rim Blackberry 7250 be flashed to Cricket?

It is possible to flash Verizon Rim BlackBerry 7250 to Cricket's cellular network. The Verizon Rim BlackBerry 7250 is compatible with code division multiple access networks (CDMA) that operate at e... Read More »

Can Verizon Wireless phones be flashed to Cricket?

Verizon Wireless phones can be flashed to work with Cricket Wireless service. Neither Verizon nor Cricket will preform this service directly, but many third-party companies will do the conversion f... Read More »

Can the iPhone 4S be flashed to Cricket?

You just pre-ordered the Iphone 4 but you have Verizon wireless Can you flash it to Verizon or something to get it on Verizon?

It is not possible, due to the fact that AT&T is a type of network called GSM. It is not compatible with Verizon, a CDMA network.